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          Flour-powdered product obtained by grinding grains of cereal seeds, buckwheat and some legumes (soy, peas). Flour is the raw materials for bakery, pastry and pasta, have a basic food group. In a smaller number of flour is used as raw materials in the industry. 
 The term "flour" is supplemented by the name of her species, type and class. Type of flour is determined by the native grain, from which she received: wheat, rye, etc. 
The main type of flour is wheat, followed by rye flour.

Our company offers Wheat flour, country of origin: Ukraine

Analyses of wheat flour according to DSTU 46.004-99
Type of wheat flour 

Premium grade                                         First grade
1. Moisture max 15%                                1. Moisture max 15 %
2. Gluten, % min 24                                  2. Gluten, % min 25
3. Whiteness, min 54                                3. Whiteness, min 36-53
4. SGC, not less 75-85                              4. SGC, not less 90
5. Ash content,  0,55%                              5. Ash content 0,75%
6. Protein 10,6 %                                       6. Protein 10,6%
Infestation No                                            Infestation No
GMO Not discovered                                  GMO Not discovered
Radionuclides content Not discovered       Radionuclides content Not discovered        Toxic elements content Not discovered      Toxic elements content Not discovered

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